What the world is waiting for as world’s salt levels plunge

The world’s supply of salt has plummeted to a record low of only 4.1% of the world’s total.

The world’s population is on track to reach a record 7 billion by 2050, but that number will only hit 1.5 billion if global food production continues to increase, according to the World Food Programme.

“The trend in world population growth is set to accelerate and we need to do everything we can to keep the population from falling below 2 billion,” WFP deputy director general Maria-Louise Perna told a news briefing on Thursday.

“We’ve seen the increase in global poverty and hunger and the impact of climate change.

That is creating a real challenge.”WFP estimates the global population is now at 6.5bn, but the rise in the world population has already resulted in a drop in world salt supply.

World leaders agreed in Paris in November to phase out the use of salt by 2030, which will reduce global demand for the world-class salt used in processed foods, meat, dairy and fish.

This will bring salt prices down and help mitigate climate change, said Pernas.

“If we do our job and keep reducing the amount of salt we use, it will make a big difference in the environment, which is good,” she said.

She said the world has to act fast.

“I know this is a challenge because we have got to do something fast and do it now,” she added.

“It is critical that we reduce the amount and not the pace of consumption.”

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