‘Kabab’ star who says he can ‘live in any place’ in the Maldives and ‘live on nothing’

‘KABAB’, a Malaysian singer-songwriter and pop star, has described his life in the Indian Ocean as “like a nightmare”.

“There’s no place to sleep, no food, no water, no electricity, nothing.

The only thing I have is a suitcase and a bottle of water,” he said.”

When I wake up, I’m alone.

And I have a suitcase full of clothes that I can’t wash and a backpack that I’m carrying in my hand.””

If you think about the fact that I am an immigrant, I think that if you think of my name, I have nothing,” he added.’

I love it here’Mr Khan, who also sings the song “I love the Maldivian people” on his YouTube channel, has been living in the southern island nation of the Maldive since 2013.

“I love being here.

It’s my country, my home,” he told the BBC.

He said he felt at home with the island’s people, who have helped him develop a successful career in Malaysia and the Malduras, which is still recovering from a devastating 2015 earthquake.

“The islanders have taught me so much about living here and living with them, and I love it there.

It feels like I’m at home,” Mr Khan said.

He also praised the country’s “beautiful” culture, adding: “I am an ethnic Maldivians.”

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