How do you create Himalayan salt lamps?

By Sarah Prakash/For The Jerusalem ReportIn the northern Indian state of Haryana, one of the countrys most iconic salt lamps is a relic from the 19th century.

Built on the Ganges River in the town of Bhilwadi in Punjab, the lamp has been a symbol of the region for centuries.

It is known as the ‘salt lamp of the north’, and has become a symbol for Haryanas traditional lifestyle.

In fact, the name is so familiar, that the lamps are sometimes called ‘Himalayan lamps’.

But the salt lamp is not the only historical artifact in the region.

The Himalayan Mountains are a major source of natural resources, and the area is also home to an array of endangered species including the wild sheep, wild bison and endangered wild horses.

This is because the Himalayan mountains are the highest in the world, and as such are a habitat for the endangered animals.

But the Himalayas salt lamps are not the preserve of a few wealthy families.

It has been the work of hundreds of families for generations.

One of the most prominent members of this family is the Haldiram family of Salt Lamp Manufacturers and Distributors, or Haldirs.

In the village of Bhilswadi, Haldira is the oldest salt lamp maker and distributor.

He started his salt lamp business in 1885, and has been manufacturing and selling salt lamps for over 150 years.

The first Haldirin salt lamp was made by Haldiri in 1896, and it is still manufactured today.

The lamps are a classic example of a salt lamp built from the finest materials.

The lamp is made of cast iron, with brass handles and a zinc base.

It comes in a variety of colours, and is the first lamp to have a metal bowl with a bowl-shaped glass lid, which allows the salt to escape.

The Haldiris are also known for their unique salt lamp technique, which combines traditional methods of heating with a steam boiler to create an artificial heat.

In order to heat up the salt, the salt lamps use an extremely thin wire coil, which is wrapped around the top of the lamp and is set at a high temperature.

Once the wire is heated, the heat is passed through a copper wire which is connected to the steam boiler.

The steam boiler creates steam, which then passes through the wire and into the salt.

When the steam is at its peak, it turns the lamp white and a distinctive blue light is emitted.

This unique process is a technique that has been used by Haldeirs since the 1880s.

Today, the Haldeir lamps are still being produced, and some of the salt is also being sold in the market.

But the process is not cheap.

Each Haldrir lamp is around two kilograms, and cost about Rs.2,000 (about US$1,200).

The salt lamps that are still made today are not cheap, either.

The cheapest one sold at the market is priced at Rs.15,000 ($30).

The cheapest is the Saffron lamp at Rs 13,000.

But it has been known to fetch prices up to Rs.100,000 per lamp.

To make the lamps, the owner needs to pay a considerable amount of money.

Haldires own company, the Bhilwat family, makes the lamps themselves.

They have also developed a brand, which sells lamps in the marketplace, but they do not make them.

So the lamps have to be produced by other people.

When the lamps last, they cost about 10,000 to 15,000 rupees ($4,000-7,000).

The lamps have a life span of 100 years, and they are often used in the winter months when the temperature drops.

The cost per lamp is about Rs 20,000, which makes it one of India’s most expensive salt lamps.

Haldiras family members say that they make their lamps with the utmost care, and in fact, their lamps are made with natural materials like the local fruit.

When a lamp is purchased, it is wrapped in an old cotton cloth.

The owner also uses a special cotton cloth which has been soaked in salt water to prevent rust.

The lamps are also hand-made by hand, and only those who own the salt are allowed to make them, according to Haldireas.

But, they say that the lamp makers need a lot of help to make a good lamp.

The price of the lamps varies according to the quality of the materials, and a good price can be achieved by buying at a dealer who can hand-make the lamp.

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