When will the presidential campaign start?

The Salt and Stone Casino in Salt Lake City is about to get the first presidential race in the state.

It’s going to open the season on Oct. 5.

But the first campaign stops won’t be in Utah.

The first presidential campaign stops will be in Salt and Iron counties in Iowa, the state’s third-largest county, which is also home to the largest Mormon population in the country.

The Salt and Northern Iowa Republican Party announced the dates for those events Monday.

The Salt Lake Tribune will have full coverage.

The Iowa caucuses, which have been held at caucuses in the past, are held Oct. 25.

The state GOP will hold a caucus in Iowa City on Nov. 4.

A campaign stop is scheduled for the state Capitol in Des Moines on Nov, 4.

The Des Moines Register will have more details on the campaign events, including the locations and time.

The Utah caucuses are held Nov. 9.

The caucuses are a key battleground state.

The polls are closing in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

The campaign has been focused on Iowa and New Hampshire, but the winner will need to win all of the remaining caucus states to clinch the nomination.

The presidential race will be held in Utah from Nov. 5 to Nov. 8.

The Democratic caucuses are scheduled for Jan. 2-3.

Utah is the sixth state in the nation to hold a presidential primary, which requires candidates to run in a single primary election.

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