A recipe for salted caramel cookie with cinnamon and cinnamon sticks

This recipe is from the book The Art of Sugar and Gluten Free Cooking by Melissa Gorga. 

I love this recipe because it uses both salt and cinnamon to make a perfect cookie.

I have been using cinnamon sticks in my baking since before I was able to make them.

They are the same kind of stick used in baking.

The idea of making a salted cookie with sugar and cinnamon is to make the cookie just a little bit sweet and to create the cinnamon in the cookie. 

Salted caramel makes an excellent sugar cookie, because it is not sweetened with sugar or syrup.

You need a little salt to make it perfect.

Salted caramel is usually sweetened by adding salt, sugar or cream.

You can add some vanilla extract and cinnamon in it. 

When I am making salted cookies, I always add some cinnamon in between the cookies.

I think it adds some spice and makes it a little more interesting. 

If you are making salting cookies and you are not looking to use cinnamon sticks, you can use a few sticks of cinnamon, a tablespoon or so of sugar, a few tablespoons of water and some baking powder. 

The salted cinnamon sticks are also great to use for making cookies that are more savory, like pumpkin cookies.

I always try to add a touch of cream or milk in the dough to add some creaminess to the cookies when I make them because I do not like the creaminess of vanilla cookies.

Salted cinnamon cookies have become very popular recently, and I love them! 

Here are some of the recipes I have adapted from the books. 

These recipes were adapted from The Art of Gluten-Free Cooking by Melissa Gorgas. 

A recipe for salted butter cookie with sweet chocolate and salted butterstick by Sarah Fisher (This post was inspired by the book). 

Salting Butter Cookies: A salted chocolate and butter cookie recipe by Sarah Fisher (This post also includes the recipe for the salted pumpkin butter cookies). 

This salted sweet chocolate butter cookie is a great way to use up leftover marshmallows. 

Sugar-Free Salted Butter Cookies by Rachel S. This is another easy salted coconut butter cookie.

It is easy to make and really easy to cut. 

Sweet, salted, salting coconut butter cookies with salted almonds by Sarah   (Here is a recipe I adapted from Rachel S’ book.) 

Salty and salting chocolate and vanilla butter cookies by Sarah (This recipe is adapted from The Art Of Sugar and Glycemic Control by Melissa Glaega.) 

Salty and saluting chocolate chip cookies by Rachel  (These are adapted from Sarah’s book.)

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