When you go to the PGA Championship, there’s always the chance to catch up on some golf news

The PGA has released its 2018-19 schedule, which includes the 2018-2019 season.

While some of the more notable changes include the PDC Championship, which features the final PGA Tour events on Nov. 16-17 in Orlando, the tournament will also feature the first PGA Open in 18 years, the Par 3 FedExCup, and the first Open in the P4 format.

The PGA tour will also be making major changes in the 2019-2020 season, with the PGC Tour and the PPG Championship making changes in order to make room for more international competition and more international tournaments.

The changes are not all that big, however.

The PGC Championship will feature an all-male field for the first time in 20 years, and will also return to the All-Star Series for the fifth time since 2002.

That means the tournament’s final four events will be all men, with a PGA of Europe title in the mix for the winner of the final four.

The Par 3 and FedExCups will also go back to the traditional par-three format, but will be played in the new Pro Tour format, with an all men field.

The All-America Championship will be replaced with a single playoff, and a final four will be held for the title of Player of the Year.

While the PGCTour will feature all men’s tournaments, the PGL and the European Tour will each play in a new format.

The European Tour is being moved from the PGTournament to the Open Championship, and is slated to be played on the Pinnacle of Golf Club, while the PGG Tour will be relocated to the Royal Birkdale Country Club in Dubai.

In addition, the All in Golf Championship will move from the Open to the Pro Tour, and also will play in the Dubai Grand Prix.

There are also two changes to the tournament, which are a reduction in the field size and a change to the tiebreakers.

The two new tournaments are expected to generate around $500 million in revenue for the PGN, while putting $300 million in the pocket of the tournament organizers.

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