What’s in the salt flats?

Nic Salt, an Australian brand, has created a salty formula for people with the rare and treatable autoimmune disease, Autoimmune Neuropathy.SALT FOR AN AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE (ASN). 

The salt flats are a natural remedy for Autoimmune Neuritis, an autoimmune disease which affects the nervous system and causes swelling and itching.SALTS FROM NIC SALTS AND SALT FOR AUTOISTS The company describes the salt flat as a solution containing 20% of the recommended daily allowance of sodium, the electrolyte that your body needs to keep functioning.

Salt for Autoimmunity is a registered trademark of NIC Salt. 

The Salt Formula has been available in Australia since the 1980s. 

But the company says it is now selling its salt flat in a wider range of flavours and is planning to expand the range. 

Its Salt For An Autoimmune Disease Salt Formula, available in 20% sodium, has been proven to reduce the incidence of AutoimmuneNeuritis in people with Autoimmune neuropathy. 

SALT FACT FILE NICESALTFLS The brand says its salt flats, which have a pH of 3.3 to 3.4, are ideal for use as a natural treatment for Auto-immune Neuropathic Pain. 

They have been widely recommended as a way of managing Autoimmune Pain in the past and have helped to reduce AutoimmunePain from over 200 million people worldwide.SAPPHIRE SALT FLATS The company’s salt flats have also been shown to reduce auto-immune pain and inflammation in people who suffer from Autoimmuneneuritis and are trying to find a natural way to manage their symptoms. 

There are currently two versions of the salt flake, a 4% salt flat and a 5% salt flak. 

In its latest promotional video, the brand describes its salt flakes as “perfect for people who have Autoimmune Neuralpathy or Neuropathic pain.”

The company also says its Salt Flakes are safe and effective for those with other autoimmune disorders including Autoimmune Fibromyalgia and Autoimmune Parkinson’s disease. 


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