“If I get sued, it’s going to be on me: A rabbi who was accused of sexual misconduct by another rabbi will be the target of a lawsuit,” Rabbi Michael Pachter says

Rabbi Michael D. Pachters of the Congregation Beth Din of the City of New York said he will be filing a lawsuit against his former mentor Rabbi Daniel Pachtser, the man who accused him of sexual harassment and molestation.

The two were at the center of a public debate about whether Pachser, who was ordained in 1983 and is now retired, should be allowed to continue teaching at his Congregation.

Puthters has denied all allegations of misconduct by Pachtesers and said the accusations were false.

“If someone wants to sue me, it would be on their own,” Pachtters said in an interview with The Associated Press on Friday.

“It would be their own case.”

The two men have clashed frequently over their opinions of each other, often citing biblical passages from the Torah.

Pahters, an Orthodox rabbi who has led the Congregational Center for nearly a decade, said in a statement Friday that he was “very saddened” by Pachters claims and that he would fight for a fair trial.

“I would not be here today if I did not believe in the integrity of our system of justice and the rights of the accused, and I am committed to holding Rabbi Pachticers accountable for his actions,” Pahter said.

“While I am disappointed in the outcome of this case, I look forward to continuing to lead our community in an atmosphere of peace and reconciliation.”

The accusations against Pachster date to 2006, when Pachstser was ordained at the Congregate in the city of Queens.

Pachtters, a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, is a New York City rabbi who specializes in Jewish law.

The dispute escalated in 2006 when Pachtsters then-girlfriend, Rabbi Rebecca Leblanc, said Pachsters tried to sexually assault her in his apartment.

In his deposition, Pach, who is Jewish, said that he had “an open, vulnerable and vulnerable place in my heart” when he saw his then-fiancee naked, and that his actions were motivated by “love.”

The court documents say that Pachsters then tried to force Leblac into a bedroom, but the woman fought back, telling him, “He can’t do that.”

Pach also told Leblan that he felt “threatened” by Leblans behavior, and he “felt guilty” about it.

He said he believed his actions had caused Leblanchis fear of him and was “disgusted” by it.

In a separate deposition, Leblanche said she “felt violated” when she saw Pach take her hand in his underwear, and Pach told her that she could “have whatever I wanted” if she wanted.

Pacha told LeBlanche that he didn’t want her to say anything about it because it could damage his relationship with her.

Pachets deposition, which was released in a court filing Friday, was heavily redacted because he did not want to make a public record of the court filing.

Pathters has said that his testimony about the incident was truthful, but he said it was not accurate.

The trial judge threw out the charges against Pachtts in 2013.

The court filing says Pach was in a romantic relationship with Leblann in 2006.

The case is being handled by a Queens District Attorney’s office criminal division, which has not responded to an AP request for comment.

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