When does the Stanley Cup finally fall from the heavens?

The Stanley Cup has long been the crown jewel of American sports.

It’s the most coveted trophy in the world, and it’s the one thing that sports fans can look forward to every summer.

Now, with the NHL entering a new era with the arrival of the 2022-23 season, we might be in a golden age of hockey.

The Stanley Cup will be on display on the home ice of the Los Angeles Kings in the summer.

But that’s only one of the many things that are changing in the NHL.

With the new CBA, there are more and more factors at play that affect the game.

Here are some of the key changes the NHL is making this season.1.

Player salaries are higher than everThe salary cap has increased by $5.6 million over the past two years.

That’s more than $7 million more than last year.

But this isn’t just a change in the salary cap.

The salary cap is a lot bigger.

According to Forbes, the average NHL player is worth $1.8 million, which has grown by $7.4 million.

So, while it’s been a good year for hockey in general, players are now getting a little more for the work they put in.

And they’re getting more.

The biggest salary increase has been in the top six.

The top six players made an average of $2.858 million in 2016-17, which is up by more than 20% from the previous season.

The average salary for the top four was $1 million, up by about $200,000.

But it’s not just the top players getting paid more money.

The top five players also earned more money than the next two highest paid players.

The highest paid player was forward Jonathan Quick, who earned $6.621 million.

But the other five players in the Top 5 earned more than the $6 million Quick earned.

The next highest paid was defenseman Alex Pietrangelo, who made $3.836 million.

The other top four players earned more in 2016 than they did last year: center Joe Thornton ($7.638 million), defenseman Erik Karlsson ($7 million), and defenseman Erik Johnson ($7,000).

It’s not all gravy.

The league still has some room for improvement.

The average NHL team is still spending less than they were last year, but there’s been some improvement.

The New York Rangers, who have the best salary cap, spent $732,800, the lowest they’ve spent in years.

But $731,600 of that was spent on rookies, and the rest was spent as part of the new salary cap rules that went into effect last season.

But with the new rules, the team that spent the most money in 2016 was actually the Dallas Stars.

The club that spent most money last year was the Anaheim Ducks, which had the second-most spending on players in 2016 at $1,849,400.

The team that had the most spending in 2016 is still playing the same way, but it’s going to be a lot more expensive.

So, while the NHL has a big salary cap this year, it’s definitely a lot easier to keep teams from overspending.

There are some teams that can afford to overspend.

For example, if a team overspends on a player, it can have that player’s salary reduced by up to $1 per year.

There’s a big difference between a team that overspent on a star player and one that doesn’t overspill on a guy like Connor McDavid.

There might be some teams out there that are more willing to pay their players in cash.

But if you want to win the Stanley, you want a team to be willing to spend in every aspect of the game, whether it’s on the ice, on the trade market, or in cap space.2.

More power plays in the playoffsThe power play has become the most popular play in the game over the last few seasons.

With an increased role for players like Jamie Benn and Patrick Kane, teams have had to take more risks to win games in the Stanley.

But now that the NHL wants to play a little bit more, teams are experimenting with a new way of attacking.

Teams are using their power play more to get into the offensive zone and score goals, rather than to get to the front of the net and shoot.

This new way has also led to more penalty kills.

With fewer players on the power play, the penalty kill has become a more effective play.

There have been some reports of teams getting away with too many penalty kill goals, and some of that has to do with the fact that the power plays are more efficient in their execution.

The goal is to make the players on your power play do their job more efficiently, and this is one of those areas where the penalty killing has been a big part of that.3.

More overtimeThe overtime period is one that was always seen

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