Which Black Salt is the best?

CraigsList, the online marketplace that allows customers to purchase specialty foods, items and accessories, has released a new Black Salt list that looks at the best black salt.

Black Salt’s Black Salt Challenge, as it’s known, asks consumers to rate the quality of the product on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being “absolutely terrible” and 10 being “excellent.”

The challenge asks consumers which black salt they think is the worst, and the top three contenders on that scale are: “Mountain Salt,” “Peanut Butter Salt” and “Lime.”

CraigsList has partnered with the Salt Lake Tribune to run the challenge.

The Salt Lake City-based food and beverage retailer is offering prizes of up to $10,000 for the top five finalists, with the winners getting the chance to win the prize.

The winners of the Black Salt challenge are being published this week, with each one receiving an opportunity to be featured on the front page of the Salt Land News, a local newspaper.

Craigs list also announced a few new products to compete with.

The company also unveiled a new line of saltwater barbecue products.

Craigs lists its barbecue products as:Salt-T-Boil:The new line comes with two different types of salt-tasting tongs, one for cooking in the home and one for eating on the grill.

It also includes a cooking station with a large cooking pan for a grill.

For those of you who like a bit of a spice rush, Craigs list is introducing a line of hot sauce flavors.

The flavors will be available in five different packs.

Craigs also introduced a new brand of barbeque sauce.

Craags list also said that it has partnered to launch a new, free video app called Craigs Live, which will let users create video and photo tutorials to show their cooking techniques.

Craigslist is now accepting comments on its Black Salt challenges.

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