When I see the game, I want to run for the stars

By Mario TamaisByMario TamaiFor every goal scored, there are scores of missed chances, and a few moments that went missing, especially when it comes to a goal that is going to change the complexion of the match.

This weekend’s Copa Sudamericana in Bolivia has featured some of the worst games in the tournament thus far, and while many of the players are in great form, they are also struggling to find the right balance between attack and defence.

And in this article we take a look at how the sides are doing in their attempts to defend.

The defendingThe defensive play in this match has been all over the place.

At times, it has been simple, as the teams have struggled to find a good balance in the centre of the pitch.

At other times, the teams are doing a little too much.

This game was no exception, as both sides were lacking cohesion in the middle of the park.

The defensive line in the first half was all but gone.

And, on the other side, the fullbacks struggled to keep the ball and were unable to get into positions to clear it.

In the second half, it was even worse.

The lack of cohesionThe lack in the defensive line is a major problem for this Copa.

If there is a good defensive midfield, then there is usually more space in front of the defence, and that is exactly what we saw here.

And there was plenty of space in the central areas.

However, with the absence of the fullback, this meant that a central midfielder was needed to maintain a good connection between the two lines.

With the midfield not able to do this, the sides were left to play through the middle without any solid defensive cover.

It was also difficult to predict where the opposition would play their wingers.

With so much space in midfield, it is no wonder that the opposition was able to break into the opposition’s half of the field and cause chaos in the opposing half of it.

At one point, it appeared that the team that was leading the game had been able to get through the centre and play a ball to the full back.

In fact, they could even score a goal and go into the final minutes of the game.

When it comes down to defending, it’s not just about getting forward but also keeping your shape.

If you are not able or willing to defend well, then you are going to get beat and not have a chance to score.

This is something that is very obvious in this game.

When the ball was going wide, there was no one behind the ball, and when it was going through the box, the defence was not able for the most part to prevent the attack.

It was a real issue, and it is the reason why we have seen so many players struggle so much this year.

If the defence does not have that ability to make the right defensive decisions, then the team loses the game for sure.

As a result, the opposing team will take advantage of this.

With a lack of solid defensive shape, it becomes more difficult for the ball to be played into the centre, which means the opposition can get into the area and take advantage.

This can be a very dangerous game in which you can see a lot of crosses and runs.

This has happened in the Copa Libertadores, with teams taking advantage of the wide areas.

It is no surprise that the teams that were able to dominate the match were those that had the most possession.

This means that, even though the opponents were able, they did not have the presence of the team in possession.

When you have the ball in the area, it can be easy for the teams to score a few goals, but it becomes harder and harder to maintain possession of the ball.

It has become more difficult to defend as the game goes onThe second half of this game was one of the most interesting moments of the season.

As the games went on, it became clear that both sides had found themselves in a tight game.

Both sides started to get the better of the possession and possession is the best way to win.

With that being the case, it would have been a good idea to break the game open by getting the ball into the middle and going into the attack, as this is when you are most likely to score the goals.

However it seems like this was not the case.

When the first-half ended, the players on the left were visibly frustrated and were not sure if they should go for a win or try to go for the tie.

After the second-half, however, the fans on the right were not having it and were cheering the teams on.

The fans had been holding onto the game in hopes that the games would not end in such a difficult way.

They felt that if the teams played their best football, the game would be over.

However with the teams unable to find that balance, the situation became even worse, and

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