Is India ready for a salt crunch?

On the first day of the government’s annual salt crunch, I met a woman who had never before eaten a salt snack.

It was a snack of two vegetables and a potato, with a pinch of turmeric in the middle.

The woman, a mother of two, was not hungry.

She was not a big eater, but the crunch of the crunch was just right.

And she said that she had not eaten a single morsel of salt for the last five years.

This woman, who goes by the name ‘Sena’, had been eating salt snacks for more than 10 years.

She used to take one gram of salt and put it in her mouth.

The next day she would take two or three pieces and eat them as snacks.

But recently she began to consume about 50 grams of salt a day, almost twice as much as she used to.

“The government should be focusing on nutrition rather than salt crunching,” said Shishiraj, a resident of the state of Tamil Nadu.

The government of Tamil Nagarjuna, which includes Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Andaman and Nicobar Islands, has taken a tough stand against the demand for salt crunch.

The food security plan, released in June, states that the country’s salt crunch needs to be a matter of “shared responsibility”.

It includes mandatory salt and fresh vegetables, as well as a range of other measures, including making it a requirement for schools to give children their daily food allowance.

“The government of India needs to put salt crunch in the budget,” said Ravi Shankar Prasad, the president of the Maharashtra Salt Crispners Association.

“It should be part of the national policy.

Otherwise, salt crunch will become an issue of political parties, and this will not help the poor people.”

The state’s salt crisis, however, has not only been a state-specific problem.

The national government’s own salt crunch guidelines, released last week, are based on an assumption that salt crunch is a national issue.

The guidelines do not include the need for salt snacks.

In Maharashtra, the state-level government has issued more than 1,500 public notices on the subject, many of them to salt crunch devotees, but also to those who consume salt snacks in public.

“I don’t know what else to do.

They’re being served salt as snacks,” said Ramana, a member of the association, referring to devotees who consume salty snacks in the form of snacks.

The state government has set up an ‘anti-salt crunch’ committee, chaired by the commissioner of police, to identify salt crunch problems and identify measures to tackle them.

It is also trying to convince the government to increase the amount of salt available in the food supply, including salt.

The government is not taking any action on the issue.

“Salt crunch is not a problem that can be dealt with by the government.

We have to take it on ourselves,” said the salt crunch advocate, Suresh.

Sena has been a salt junkie for the past 20 years.

Her salt snacks come in packets of 50 grams, which cost Rs 5.50.

She would take the packets to a public meeting in a local shop and eat half the packet.

She also eats salt in the open, and then, in the presence of a relative, she would get the packet and consume it.

The other half of the packet goes into her mouth and she eats it.

She says that she has eaten salt snacks and salt snack treats since she was a child.

Sara, who has been trying to eat salt snacks since she lost her job in 2003, said that even when she had a job, her parents would not allow her to eat the snacks.

She was never allowed to go to school or go to the market.

“Sena is not an addict,” she said.

“She is a simple person who is trying to be healthy.”

Sena’s husband, who is also a salt-junkie, says that he has not been able to eat much salt for three years because his income is too low.

“My wife has become addicted to salt.

She has no other food in her life,” said Vyapam Rajesh, another salt crunch enthusiast.

“A lot of people have taken her in as an example.

I want to try my luck and become an advocate for salt.”

The government in Andhra, Maharashtra, has been struggling to tackle salt crunch for the same reasons.

The salt crunch advocates say that the state’s government, which is facing a massive shortage of food, has ignored the plight of its salt crunch addicts.

“This government has ignored our plight for more years than it has even acknowledged the crisis of salt crunch,” said Sanjay Gupta, the general secretary of the Tamil Nadu Salt Crisps Association.

The shortage of fresh vegetables in the state, and the lack of access to proper health facilities, has also created a serious food crisis.

A report released by the

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